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Seattle, Washington

You may be looking for how to find a financial advisor in Seattle. Open Advisors is one of the top financial firms in Seattle. We believe individuals in all stages of life should have access to financial guidance. So we require no minimums to work with us. We also have flat fees because we don’t believe our clients should be punished for their success. As one of Seattle’s top financial firms, we only offer personalized plans because your financial plan should be as unique as you.

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The “Coffee Capital” of the United States, Seattle, is the original home to Starbucks and some of the best sightseeing waterfronts in the country. To the west of Seattle you can see the ice pyramid of Mount Rainier National Park, and to the west, the snow-capped peaks of Olympic National Park. There’s a lot going on in and outside of Seattle.

One of the most popular attractions, the Seattle Space Needle, was built in 1962 for the World’s Fair. The best time to experience the Space Needle is in the summer months when the gray winter clouds have disappeared.

The Seattle Center and Monorail, also built for the World’s Fair, can be enjoyed year-round. The Seattle Center is one of the city’s best winter destinations, with its annual Winterfest featuring various free attractions.

No Seattle experience would be complete without a stop at Pike Place Market. Fresh fish, fruit, and vegetables can be found at one of the nation’s oldest running farmer’s markets. In addition to food, you’ll find more than 200 shops offering unique buys like antiques, collectibles, books, and more. The 9-acre shopping haven also includes a crafts market featuring over 200 local creators.

History buffs will love Seattle’s Museum of History and Industry, also known as MOHAI. The True Northwest exhibit takes guests on a journey through the region’s history and explores how geography and cultural events like the Gold Rush shaped the Emerald City.

Seattle has a thriving arts culture, and Benaroya Hall is perhaps Seattle’s premier arts venue. Home to the Seattle Symphony, Benaroya Hall seats 2,500 guests. The performance hall is in downtown Seattle, across the street from the Seattle Art Museum.

Financial Advisor Seattle

Looking for the Best Financial Advisor in Seattle, Washington?

Financial Advisor

Working with a financial advisor in Seattle is the first step to securing your financial future. A financial advisor acts as an expert guide to help you make the most informed decisions to ensure financial health. You don’t have enough time to become an expert at everything, that’s why you depend on expert guidance from doctors, lawyers, and even mechanics. The same goes for your financial health. A financial advisor gives you clarity in what is possible and what adjustments should be made to meet your short and long-term financial goals.

Financial Planning

You likely would not set out on a long journey without a map, GPS, or plan. Chances are you’d quickly get lost by just guessing which direction to go. A financial plan acts as a roadmap for your financial future. A financial plan lays out the safest and smartest routes to get to your final destination of financial security in retirement. The plan is fluid and will adjust as your life changes. A financial plan takes out the guesswork of achieving your financial goals and ensures you’re always where you need to be along the way.

Wealth Management

Once your financial plan is designed, you must actively manage it to ensure you’re always getting the most from it. When life changes, your plan will likely change, and so will your management strategy. Wealth management makes sure your investments, taxes, estate planning, accounting, and retirement goals are aligned with your short and long-term financial goals. The best wealth management strategies are active and always looking for new opportunities to maximize your returns.

Estate Planning

Estate planning is not only for the wealthy. Everyone who owns anything and is of working age should have an estate plan. An estate plan ensures your affairs are carried out as you wish after you pass. If having a say in who inherits your hard-earned possessions, protecting your loved ones, and minimizing family conflict is important to you, then getting an estate plan established is a must.

Financial Planning For Tech Employees

Open Advisors has a special relationship with our Seattle tech employee clients. We know the tech industry provides employees with a lot of advantages for building and managing wealth. The difficult part is knowing how to navigate the options and implement them to maximize your returns. We can help you understand how options like Mega Backdoor Roths work and how to set them up through your employer to maximize your savings and wealth.

Business Succession Planning

Does your Seattle business have a succession plan in place? A succession plan ensures you have the right leaders in place if the unexpected should occur. Failing to create a business succession plan leaves your company open to internal conflict, extensive downtime, and even failure should important leaders pass or leave unexpectedly. Your business succession plan will identify the most qualified leaders, create a structure for sustained growth, and keep your company grounded when surprises arise.

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Helpful Financial Resources in Seattle, Washington

Seattle Chamber of Commerce

1301 5th Ave. Suite 1500
Seattle, WA 98101
TEL: (206) 389-7200

The Seattle Metropolitan Chamber represents members at the local, regional, and state-level on public policies that impact business in the region.

Small Business Association Seattle

2401 4th Ave. Suite 450 Seattle, WA
TEL: (206) 553-7310

The Small Business Association of Seattle helps small businesses succeed by aiding, counseling, and assisting small business owners through SBA and its resource partners.

City of Seattle

City Hall, 600 4th. Ave.
Seattle, WA 98104 TEL: (206) 684-2489

This website page is the home to the city of Seattle’s local government. Find resources for activities, building codes, starting a business, and more.

Seattle Good Business Network

1143 Martin Luther King Jr. Way #77
Seattle, WA 98122

Get tools, information, and support for small businesses in Seattle.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You may be looking for how to find a financial advisor in Seattle. Open Advisors is one of the top financial firms in Seattle. We believe individuals in all stages of life should have access to financial guidance. So we require no minimums to work with us. We also have flat fees because we don’t believe our clients should be punished for their success. As one of Seattle’s top financial firms, we only offer personalized plans, because your financial plan should be as unique as you.

You might be intrigued, but probably want to know more about finding the right Seattle financial advisor. No problem, you probably have plenty of good questions to ask. We’ve put together this article to hopefully answer your top questions. We hope it’s helpful.

What Does a Financial Advisor Do?

If you’re new to this, you’re probably wondering what exactly a financial advisor does with your money. How do they determine what’s best for your hard-earned money? The first thing to understand is a financial advisor does a lot more than just recommend investments. The responsibility of a good financial advisor is to design a personalized financial plan. It should be tailored to meet your short and long term financial goals.

A good financial plan includes strategies for investments, savings, budgeting, insurance, and taxes. Once your plan is set into motion, your advisor continues to work with you to modify as your life and needs change.

How Do You Create a Financial Plan?

The first step of creating a financial plan is filling out a questionnaire your financial advisor will give you. Your advisor wants to get a clear and complete picture of your assets, liabilities, income, and expenses. Your advisor will also want to gauge your risk tolerance.

Once the questionnaire is completed, your advisor will take the information you provided and start designing a comprehensive plan to serve as a roadmap for your future. The plan will be tested with various simulations of best and worst-case retirement scenarios. What if you outlive your money? You’ll need to be prepared for any scenario.

You’ll review your plan with your advisor and make necessary adjustments. Once you feel comfortable, you can put your plan into action and start a new path to securing your financial future with a new level of clarity and certainty.

Who Should Use a Financial Advisor?

Financial advisors can help anyone at any stage in their adult life. They are not only for high-income individuals. Really, anyone that one day hopes to retire could use the services of a financial advisor.

Three good reasons to hire a financial advisor:

  1. You’re not confident about planning your financial future and want the help of a professional.
  2. When it comes to finances you just not motivated enough to put the time in to learn what you need to learn to successfully plan for a secure financial future.
  3. You like managing your finances, but see the value of having an impartial and unemotional third-party opinion from a financial professional.

How Much Will I Spend on a Financial Advisor in Seattle?

How much your Seattle financial advisor will charge you depends on their fee structure. Some advisors charge a percentage of their client’s account balance - typically .25% to 1% per year. It can vary depending on the size of the balance. Other advisors, like Open Advisors, charge a flat fee depending on your needs and requirements.

Are Financial Advisors Worth it?

If you’re wondering if a financial advisor is worth it, you’re not alone. Like most complex questions in life, the answer is - it depends. If you’re thinking “I need a financial advisor,” then you should at least try it out. There are some bad apples out there, but most advisors work hard for their clients. A good financial advisor will earn your trust, prove their worth, and be with you for life.

What type of Financial Advisor Do I need?

The best way to get started with a financial advisor is to get a free consultation. They’ll be able to look at your whole financial picture and determine how they can best serve your needs. As far as types of financial advisors go it’s best to work with a certified financial planner (CFP) or chartered financial consultant (ChFC). They are qualified to create a financial road map to meet your short and long term goals.

Ready to Meet with a Seattle Financial Advisor?

Do you like the idea of building a financial roadmap to secure your future? If you said yes, Open Advisors would love to help you. Creating the future you want starts with a solid plan today. Having a good plan eases stress and the weight of uncertainty. Your financial advisor will work with you every step of the way to create a unique plan to get you to your goals. Your plan will change as your life changes, and your financial advisor will help you navigate those changes and stay on track with your bigger goals.

It’s never too early, or late, to get organized and on the path to security.

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