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October 2016 Perspective: Aging, Everybody's Doing It

October 15, 2016

Aging. We’re all doing it. Most of us accept aging as a fact of life. After all, there is nothing we can do about it, right? As you’ll see, getting older and aging are not exactly the same thing, and it turns out we can influence the speed at which we age…


This month's Perspective is a little different. We are offering a link to an extended video from a leading research institute on aging AND offering to send you a brand new book. Here's why we think this topic is worth your time and our money: years of tremendous investment, research and collaboration are beginning to yield real breakthrough results in the field of aging. Or more specifically,  in the areas of anti-aging and reverse aging. The challenge is the data and cutting-edge test results are all very scientific. Their implications are not accessible to us as laypersons nor can we rely on the mainstream media to present it to us. We need expert guides and translators to follow.

If you are motivated by the idea that your family has the potential to live substantially healthier, younger lives for longer, and are willing to do some self-education, then please take advantage of these resources.

Our scientific and medical communities are just beginning to view biological aging as a disease that can be treated instead of a mere fact of life that must be accepted. Cellular breakdown associated with aging is being shown to be the common denominator of crippling, painful, and costly diseases like cancer, Alzheimer's, and diabetes to name a few. We unlock biological aging and we are a giant leap closer to eliminating these diseases. I would not like to experience these diseases but, more importantly, I would not like my children to experience them.

This research has obvious personal value to us as individuals and to our families, but can you imagine what the economic value would measure if we could eliminate the expense burden of treating these diseases AND add the productivity of the would-be infirmed to our economy? We’re easily talking Trillions of dollars…

We hope you enjoy this video from the Buck Institute with some practical tips for better brain health and slower aging (to skip the introductions, start at the 8:30 mark): or

If you are one of our clients or an advisor in our network, we will gladly send you a copy of the brand new book, The Methuselah Effect by Patrick Cox, as a thank you for reading. Please just respond in the next two weeks to let us know you are interested.  The focus of the book is on demographics and the cutting edge science. From the abstract:

“However, bioscience is on the verge of providing a solution [to the demographics of an aging population]: groundbreaking life-extension research could help us be productive and self-sufficient for much longer… and live healthily to 100 years and beyond. Alzheimer’s, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, liver fibrosis, arthritis, even wrinkles, may soon be problems of the past. We might even be able to reverse aging itself.”

 Here's to your health and to a healthier collective economic body as a result!