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Whether it’s market updates, specific market insight, or timely financial planning strategies, we're dedicated to providing sound information to our clients, friends, and other financial professionals. If any of the events below interest you, please register and add us to your calendar! We're always here to help, give us a call or schedule a time to talk.

Upcoming Events

More events are on the way! Check back soon for more information.

Past Events

September 22, 2021

10:00a - 11:00a

Zoom link will be emailed to registered guests

May 26, 2021

10:00a - 11:00a


The Future of Environmental, Social and Governance Investing

Join us Wednesday, May 26th as Natalya Zeman of Capital Group discusses The Future of ESG Investing.

March 23, 2021

8:00a - 9:00a


January 27, 2021

11:00a - 12:00p

Zoom link will be sent to registered guests

2021 Outlook: Turning Points on the Road to Recovery

Join us Wednesday, January 27th as Mila Yankova, Investment Specialist at Capital Group, discusses their macro, equity and fixed income outlook for 2021.

December 9, 2020

11:00a - 12:00p


October 21, 2020

11:00a - 12:00p


Looking at Markets Leading Up to the Election... and Beyond

Register today for an election focused market update from Vice President and Senior ETF Strategist at State Street, Jordan Lawrence.

September 30, 2020

12:00p - 1:00p

YouTube Live

September 24, 2020

11:00a - 12:00p


August 12, 2020

6:00p - 7:00p


May 21, 2020

11:00a - 12:00p


Timely Financial Planning Strategies

Hear from Open Advisors partner and advisor, Michael Strohl, and Vice President and Senior ETF Strategist at State Street, Jordan Lawrence, as they discuss timely financial planning strategies and provide a much needed market update.

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