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July 2016 Perspective: Crazy - A Story of Debt

July 15, 2016

Last month we looked at two dominant market narratives that we described with the caricature-like titles: “party-on” vs. “doom and gloom.”  We shared a video from Oppenheimer Funds that we thought neatly captured the “party-on” perspective. This month’s issue takes a look at the “doom and gloom” perspective courtesy of a video presentation from the ever witty, ever wry, ever British, Grant Williams. Now, if you want to skip this video because you don’t want to feel all depressed and well, gloomy, we don’t blame you! However, we selected this particular content for a few reasons: 1. It’s current, 2. It captures nearly all of the economic information central to this narrative, 3. It focuses on the people involved (the giant policy caveat we discussed last month enters here), 4. And it’s really a clever and funny presentation that leaves you more with a feeling of comic absurdity than anything else.  


Grant’s video is appropriately titled, Crazy – A Story of Debt. We hope you enjoy:


Spoiler Alert!

Staying true to the general “doom and gloom” narrative we outlined last month, this video concludes that one should own treasuries and gold in this environment.  Go figure.


Treasuries and gold may already be part of your well-balanced portfolio. The key is to stay well-balanced and diversified, not to chase the hot asset class du jour, whether that be tech stocks, energy, real estate, or treasuries and gold. If you are concerned about navigating the current environment, we invite you to complete your Riskalyze questionnaire as a starting point for our conversation.  We will be in touch shortly after you’re done.