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May 2016 Perspective: Epiphanies!

May 13, 2016

This month’s Perspective is a six-for-one! Meaning you are receiving the perspectives of six gifted people on a single topic: Epiphanies.  Why Epiphanies…? Because they are fundamental, perspective-shifting, revelations that have the power to change everything. To re-state the objective of this monthly Perspective series from our May 2015 issue:

“Our goal is to share third party perspectives and commentary that we think may impact your thinking, deepen your understanding, enhance your awareness and shift your perspective in a way that benefits you, your family and your clients.

We’ve all had epiphanies that change the way we see the world, the revelation of a profound truth that alters our understanding, possibly inspired by the birth or death of a loved one, a success or failure, a close-call, or, a powerful story. Perhaps we should reflect on these moments and their impact more often…  and we hope this month’s article inspires you to do so:

One of the epiphanies our organization had many years ago is that we are Planners called to “serve first, last and always” and that makes our job unique.  Our job is to get our clients all the way home. That defines the relationships we have, the constant search for ways we can contribute value and create higher levels of security, protection, benefit, enhancement and opportunity in the lives of our clients . We are grateful for the opportunity to serve you and your family.