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Q2 2018 Perspective: Sound Investment Principles

May 14, 2018

This quarter’s Perspective is a video from our Chief Investment Strategist that takes us back to the basics with a summary of our key investment principles. These are fundamentals that guide our thinking and advice in good markets and bad. In a world where smartphones and devices provide us unlimited information and opinions, we thought you might like to know how we cut through it all and identify what is really important.


The video reminds me of the great Vince Lombardi quote, where on the first day of the Green Bay Packers training camp in 1961, Lombardi addresses his team with a most basic statement: “Gentlemen, this is a football.”   That season the Packers focused on mastering the skills everyone else took for granted and it ended with an NFL Championship.  


So what do we focus on mastering when it comes to investments?

Seven simple ideas, deeply understood:


  1. There is no such thing as “short term investing”
  2. Valuation still matters
  3. Market timing doesn’t work
  4. Your planning goals are your benchmark
  5. Optimism is key
  6. Information is not knowledge
  7. Traditional rules of investing still hold true


We believe our job is to get you all the way home. We do that by developing a plan designed to accomplish your goals and by providing informed, disciplined advice along the way. We hope you enjoy this quarter’s Perspective: