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Q4 2018 Perspective: LTC, Important But Not Urgent?

October 01, 2018

This month’s Perspective sheds light on challenge that more families are experiencing first hand: the need to provide Long Term Care (LTC) for a loved one.  


How will your family handle it when the time comes? The answer may depend on the LTC Plan your family puts in place years in advance.


Before moving on, let’s be clear on 3 points:

First, this is not about “putting someone in a home.”

Second, this is a plan to develop well in advance of the need becoming Urgent. Once it’s urgent, your options are severely limited.

Third, the LTC Plan your family develops is for the benefit and protection of the caregiver’s health as much as for the person who needs the care.


Whether you have experience with a family member who needs care or not, I urge you to watch this segment from CBS 60 Minutes. The video is less than 15 minutes long. Sit down and watch it with your spouse, family member, or the person who you would lean on if you needed care tomorrow.  This is a valuable chance to learn from someone else’s experience and it can help get the conversation started about what you want for your own family.

(Tip: the video seems to like playing on my iPhone or my wife’s MacBook better than on my PC for some reason…go figure!)



November is Long Term Care awareness month. This is an important topic. Make it a priority to start the discussion before the need becomes urgent. If you are between the ages of 50 and 70 this is a must!! Call us, we can help facilitate the discussion and develop your plan. The LTC Plan will document your intentions so the people who love and care about you have a guide to follow and know where the financial resources are to provide the care you want.