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Financial Freedom Resources

Clara L. Hollin, CFP®, ChFC, CRPC




Clara has been serving clients with financial advice since 1992. She holds certification as a CFP® (CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™), as well as the CRPC® (Certified Retirement Planning Counselor) and Charter Financial...

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Jeff Gustafson, CFP®




Jeff is dedicated to helping his clients meet and exceed their financial goals. He takes pride in helping them customize a plan that can be implemented with solutions which helps to give them the confidence that they can accomplish...

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Jennifer Calegari

Investment and Insurance Specialist

Jenny is our Client Services Manager and has been in this industry for 14 years. She is responsible for maintaining accounts, collaborating with our team and providing our clients with outstanding service. Jenny earned her business...

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Jesse Woods, CFP®

Financial Planner

(208) 410-6874

Jesse understands the importance of financial independence and retirement planning. With a focus on financial education, his clients find an environment where there are no bad questions and more communication is better than less....

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Jon Elfin, CRPC, MBA



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Katherine Phillips, CFP®, CRPC®


(503) 780-7333

Katherine manages and deepens existing client relationships by solving financial complexities for clients so they can live their best lives with the resources they have. Katherine works closely with the client’s consultants...

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Michael Strohl, CFP®



While serving his own clients as a financial planner since 1998, Michael also acted as Managing Principal of the Northern California Regional Planning Office of Lincoln Financial Advisors/Sagemark Consulting. In this role from...

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Ryan F. Baker, CBEC®️



Ryan specializes in the planning and investment design of our clients' portfolios. His technical knowledge and ability to quickly assess complex fact patterns is an asset to the firm. Ryan delivers pro-active service and has an in...

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Scott J. Cangelosi, J.D., CFP®, CLU



In 20 years as a "recovering attorney," Scott's passion has been providing clients with personalized, easy-to-understand solutions to their complex financial problems. Whether it's helping business owners access the value they've built...

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Scott Ida, CFP®, CEPA®


(858) 550-2867

(260) 455-9523

Scott has been well versed in all areas of financial planning, with a special focus on investment and estate planning.

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Stephanie Langbaum

Investment Specialist

Stephanie has been in the financial services industry since 2013. She support Open Advisors’ Financial Planners in all aspects of financial planning, from processing new business applications and insurance to working directly...
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Tom Befumo, CLU




With years of experience, Tom is an advisor to advisors. Prior to joining Open Advisors and Lincoln Financial Advisors / Sagemark Consulting, Tom was with Prudential and MetLife as Regional Sales Vice President and Life Insurance...

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Goals Worksheet

List your goals, concerns and questions related to each area. Prioritize your goals by numbering which is

 most important to you right now.


The 5-Minute Budget

A great first step to understanding your current lifestyle spending habits.


Financial Planning Workbook

A more comprehensive approach to understanding your financial situation.


Sample Investment Policy Statement

A process to quantify your investment comfort level, set portfolio targets, and manage investment strategies over time.


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